Cinematographer's Reel


Produced by Phoenicia Pictures International

Directed by Mohamad Dayekh

The Sun sets on Beirut

Mounia, in her mid 20s, is joined by her best friend Ghady to find her cat that has been missing since the August 2020 Beirut Blast. But while he is more interested in chatting up British journalist Olivia, Mounia is determined to look at the reality of the aftermath in order to find her cat.

Produced by
SkyLantern Productions

Directed by Daniela Stephan

Stories Of A Generation

Over a year of filming across the globe to tell 18 stories of people over 70. Why? Because there are lives that can inspire our own. Stories Of A Generation with Pope Francis, coming December 25th.

Produced by


Produced by Dewberries Films - Marine Vaillant
Directed by
Dahlia Nemlich
Written by Pascale Seigneurie
Produced by Marine Vaillant

Julian Farhat, Ahmed Hammadi Chassin, Pascale Seigneurie, Mohamad Yassine.

Original Soundtrack Zeid Hamdan
Sound Nadim Maalouf
Editing Adam Jammal
Associate Producer Zayn Alexander
Trailer Mike Croft, Siris Farrell

Another Conversation

When Tom reaches the very edge of his sanity, it’s up to Jack to talk him down. Little does Jack know that not only is Tom intending to end his life - he’s about to shake the very core of their entire relationship.

Directed by Nour Al Moujabber

Starring Ramy Farah


Shou Esmk

"What's your name" tells the story of Lucas, a young director trying to figure out how to slow down his mother's Alzheimer's disease by shooting her daily routine and making her watch them in an attempt for her to remember his name.

Directed by Nour Al Moujabber

Starring Randa Kaady & Nassib Sebaaly


A Photo, a Hotel and Her

A young couple goes to a hotel to celebrate their 6th wedding anniversary where the husband meets his mistress who happens to stay at the same hotel.

Directed by Estephan Khattar

Huit Ans

Najla is still living in her childhood: the last images in her memory are aged 8 years old. War, childhood events, passion for cinema, all these phases are mixed in her heart and brain. Nothing can awaken them except Ziad who takes care of her and who decides to use cinema in order to let her memorize and remember one of the turning points in her life: her holy communion.

Directed by Ziad Mazraany